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ALLContainer ™ is an innovative video editor that allows anyone without the computer skills to edit his movies (e.g. to make a holiday video with a nice 3D menu in a few minutes, to a much better standard than in the old DVDs) and the most important and revolutionary addition is the fact that all of our changes can be edited at any time without the loss of the image quality, and everything is kept in one AVI or MP4 file.

Before ALLContainer (Made in Poland) we often had the movie in one file, subtitles for the movie in another file, the cover for the same movie in a different one, and we were looking for a review on the Internet.
In XXI century these days are over - nowadays we can prepare one movie file with everything included in it in a few seconds.
After placing the movie to the torrents there will be no more questions: "where can I find subtitles for this movie"?

ALLContainer™ and ALLCoverFlow ™ are compatible, so our videos can be displayed on the TV with a nice 3D menu.


'Film Editor' is found in ALLPlayer settings - the right mouse button on the ALLPlayer skin -> 'Preferences'. We can locate the 'Movie Editor' tab there, which shows a simple way to add subtitles, a description, or the cover, to one movie file.

Adding a cover or a snapshot:

ALLPlayer - ALLContainer

If you already have a cover on HDD downloaded, you can click 'Insert from a file'. You can also try to get a cover from IMDB - the option 'Get from IMDB' (1). It may happen that a wrong cover can be downloaded. We have no control over this, this being a case of someone having put it incorrectly onto the database. If you cannot find a cover or you prefer a better quality snapshot you can take a still from the movie by selecting the 'snapshot' option. By means of 'Delete from the file' you can delete everything that you added before. The cover inserted in this way immediately appears in the FlowList option.

Adding subtitles:

On the right above we have 'Subtitles'. Just as we add covers, we can also add our subtitles from our resources using the option 'Insert from a file'. If we are polyglots and have subtitles in several languages, we can select the particular language we prefer. By clicking 'Insert running subs' (2) we can add the subtitles, which currently run while the movie plays. Selecting 'Delete checked' removes subtitles. If you want to get them back to your special subtitles folder, in the event that you have added them to ALLContainer as a result of a momentary loss of common sense, there is a hint here (please snare drums to raise the suspense) ... Enter the tab 'Subtitles' from the main ALLPlayer setup menu, then 'Subtitles Editor’ and there is no reason to panic. A view, such as that which can be seen from a Boeing 747 cockpit, appears in front of our eyes, and we, easy like Sunday morning with the help of an autopilot in the form of this article, click on the bottom key 'Save subtitles'. Of course we must remember where they are saved, because we could have the problem again.

And what a surprise when we bring the latest episode in one AVI file and hear "I do not have the Internet - how do I get subtitles?"
Poker face, turn on the video and the subtitles are already there!

Adding our data:

For those who want to sign the file or add their www can do this by editing the temporary entries: 'Your nickname' and 'Your community site link' and typing their data there (4) .

Those who would like their movie (e.g. party events) to be sent to friends by way of torrents, it is enough that they add a short password to protect the file - the F10 key.

Note: after losing the password you won't be able to open the movie