AVI Doctor

This program allows you to preview files from legal torrents while they are are downloading, so you can check the quality of the video file which is being downloaded. An additional function is fixing damaged files as well as cutting the files to a specified size.



All operations can be performed by pressing the F9 key while watching the movie. With a slider you can set the size of the file you want to shorten.


When the movie is downloading, first the icon comes up. If you open a movie which has not fully downloaded, a window comes up, announcing a file error and asking you how you would like to repair it. Then after a short time needed for processing information, you can preview what is being downloaded, instead of waiting until the end of the process.

Τυχαίο άρθρο - CD/USB creator

image 1

This function creates a special version of ALLPlayer - in a specific directory you will find all the files that you can record on CD or USB memory stick (USB Flash Drive, Flash Disk, Massive Storage Device, Flash, Memory Stick, Pen Drive, USB Stick).

After inserting the CD or other ... [Περισσότερα]