Playback options

You can set the playback options according to personal preferences:

-enlarge the picture through truncation of edges

-set the forward/back keys - value in seconds

-turn off the mouse cursor in full screen mode

-keep aspect ratio on manual widening

-adjust the window size to the movie size

-autorun of the next part of the movie, if it is in several files

-load the last used playlist on startup

-pause the movie after minimizing, or listen to the soundtrack while working on the computer

-set the options for watching several movies at once (for busy viewers :-))

-start movie in full screen mode

-remember brightness settings

-enable or disable the hint balloons

-remember the last location of each movie, to start from that point


Go to 'Program Settings' - right mouse button on the skin or on the screen -> 'Preferences' -> 'Playback setting' and check/uncheck what you choose.

Τυχαίο άρθρο - CD/USB creator

image 1

This function creates a special version of ALLPlayer - in a specific directory you will find all the files that you can record on CD or USB memory stick (USB Flash Drive, Flash Disk, Massive Storage Device, Flash, Memory Stick, Pen Drive, USB Stick).

After inserting the CD or other ... [Περισσότερα]